Why Join a Bonsai Club?

Why Join a Bonsai Club?
Some folks are reluctant to join a club. Walking in to a room full of strangers who may be experts at a hobby you know little about can be intimidating. So, here is a list of reasons to join a bonsai club:

1. You will meet the nicest people in the world. Seriously. Bonsai is one of the calmest, most gentle and serene practices in the world, and it seems to attract only nice people. Nobody ever has a bad day working on bonsais.

2. You can learn more about bonsai. The Orange County Bonsai Society is an educational foundation. We are here to teach bonsai in a friendly, noncritical, nonjudgmental environment.

3. Learn where to get good plant material, tools, pots, etc. Our members are a wealth of knowledge.

4. Something fun to do on a Sunday afternoon. We meet on the fourth Sunday of every month, at 1:00 p.m. Always a relaxing, fun time.

5. Outings! We try to visit at least one bonsai convention every year.

6. Demonstrations. We bring in guest demonstrators every few months, to provide relevant demonstrations on creating and shaping bonsai, and bonsai related topics.

7. (Almost) Free Stuff! At every meeting the club has a raffle, or benefit drawing. Tickets are usually a dollar each, and the raffle table is always full of trees, pots, tools, books, calendars, and other goodies.

8. Lifetime friendships. The club’s membership is very stable.

9. Free food and drink at every meeting! (Hope you like cookies and lemonade).

10. And finally, the Number 10 reason! Bring your trees to the meetings to work on them. We are a workshop oriented club, and we love to help folks work on their trees. Your trees will love you for it.