We Adopt Unwanted Trees and Shrubs! (That Are Usable For Bonsai)

Do you have an overgrown Bougainvillea that you want to get rid of?  Is there a Boxwood or Privet hedge in the way of that new barbecue or hot tub you are planning on installing?  Or is there a Hollywood Juniper blocking the view from your dining room window?  Is there a Ficus Benjamina in your yard that is sending roots into your drain pipes?  Or do you have a potted Ficus on your patio that has grown too big and you just want to throw it out?

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes” then we can help you.  If you need trees or plants removed from your yard, and they are of a size and variety that are amenable to be used for bonsai, then we can come to your property and dig them out for free.  We are interested in Bougainvilleas, most varieties of Ficus, most varieties of Juniper, Boxwood, Privet, Pomegranate, Japanese Maple and Trident Maple, Pyracantha, Olive Trees, Chinese Elm, Calamondin, Cape Honeysuckle, Dwarf Schefflera, Japanese Black Pine, and Hinoki Cypress.

In terms of preferred size , in most cases, if the diameter of the trunk is much larger than eight to twelve inches, we probably are not going to be interested, unless the tree in question is a Pomegranate, Olive or Bougainvillea.  After all, we have to get the tree to live in a container in order to make a bonsai out of it, and only the three species I just mentioned are amenable to the kind of extremely drastic root pruning required to containerize a really large trunk base.

In terms of time of year, we prefer to collect Pines, Junipers, Elms, Maples, Pyracanthas, and other temperate environment trees from December to April.  These are the months when they will withstand being dug from the ground, pruned and containerized.  Boxwoods, Olives and Pomegranates can still be collected in May and June.  Tropical trees such as Bougainvillea and Ficus are best collected between May and August.  There are exceptions.  We have successfully collected Junipers in July in situations where they were grown in good garden soil and watered regularly, and had good root balls near the base of the trunk, which allowed us to containerize them easily without the hot weather harming them.  So please contact us at ocbonsai@gmail.com  if you have plants that look like they might be good for bonsai and need to be removed.