Fall 2011, and Preparing for Winter

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Fall 2011, and Preparing for Winter

bonsai in winter, juniper bonsai

Fall, 2011 is upon us, and yesterday and today brought the first winter storm to Southern California. While the cold temperatures will not last more than a few days, this is still a good time to start preparing your trees for fall and winter. Tropical trees that need shelter from the cold should be moved close to the house if kept outdoors and to a sunny window location if they are brought indoors.

You should be applying mild fertilizer to Pines and Junipers. Pines are forming next year’s buds right now, and Junipers are still growing slowly for a few more weeks before shutting down for the winter. You can start repotting Junipers in November if the weather remains cool, and you can start repotting Pines around Christmas time, so this is a good time to shop for pots for your evergreen trees.

While summer is over and you may no longer need to water every day, you still need to check the pots for moisture, and you may need to water even though it has rained. Rainstorms do not always provide enough water to fully penetrate the bonsai pot.

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