Bougainvillea Dig

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Bougainvillea Dig

In late July/early August, our President and I were invited to dig out some Bougainvilleas from a home near the Buddhist Church. The homeowner had a hedge running along Dale Avenue that he wanted removed. There were twenty-one plants in all, ranging in size from one inch in diameter to nearly one foot in diameter. All of them had been chainsawed to a foot or less above ground level, which will present a challenge in shaping the larger ones.

Ken and I (with assistance from my lovely wife Nicole) spent a total of four evenings digging out the Bougainvilleas. For aftercare we sprayed the leaves and roots with water, and then wrapped the roots with wet towels and kept them in large plastic washtubs with water in the bottom for the ride home. We potted them the same evening. As of this writing all eleven of the ones that I have are still alive and the first two I collected are in very active growth.

collected Bouganivillea for bonsai

One of the large collected Bougainvilleas

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